Thursday, July 2, 2009


Jona has discovered an alternate reality of fake things in life, specifically fake FAVORITE things. This realization was brought about by fake favorite movies and has since been expanded to and fake favorite memories, numbers, shortcuts, jobs, I don’t know...pretty much anything.

Fake Favorite Movies:
Many of you (I’m so optimistic on the number of people that actually read this) are wondering what the purpose of a fake favorite movie is. Let me explain: Perhaps you have been asked "what's your favorite movie?" and have no answer. That’s where the fake favorites join the scene. Now you automatically have an answer when you are asked AND have an opportunity to be funny and witty, which is always a bonus when you're itching for some street cred.

For those of you unversed in fake favorite movies, there are a few stipulations that must be met in order for a movie to qualify as a fake favorite movie.
1. It must be a movie you like, alot. With potential to actually be your favorite movie- leaving some doubt in their mind as to whether it really is your favorite movie or not.
2. It must be slightly embarrassing to tell people that it is your favorite movie.
3. It should be an older movie that is fairly unknown and if possible, under appreciated.
4. It cannot be a real favorite movie e.g. Gladiator, 6th sense...
5. It cannot be a Disney movie.

Fake Favorite Memories:
There is a large possibility that this one only applies to me. It would go in the category of things that you think are real, but alas, are not. OR maybe if you really want something to happen but it never has. That would also qualify as a fake favorite memory.

Fake Favorite Job:
Seeing as I don’t have and actual job, I must invent a fake job. I’m still working on this one cause I want to make it really good.