Monday, April 5, 2010

With procrastination, nothing comes fast enough

Yeah, so what if I haven't written on this blog in like...uh..a year. I actually really do have really funny things to say that everyone is dying to read and will appreciate. AND, I'm doing better than Allicat on blog posting but shes on a misson soo there's that. small accomplishments.
Well, this whole school experience is quickly coming to a close, just not soon enough. I've tried to stay motivated but its actually really hard to go to class when your taking a senior design class that never meets, two other classes I have zero interest in attending
and two freshman classes that are a complete waste of time. I'm actually really glad I waited to take them until my last semester because I have more motivation knowing that if I don't pass them I would feel completely worthless. Good goal to keep an eye on: Don't end up becoming completely worthless by having to retake freshman classes after 'graduation'. I can count writing a blog 'writing my paper' for English 2010, right? yes. and you know what, it doesn't ever make graduation come any faster.