Friday, January 30, 2009

Usernames from the past

So when the internet first became popular and everyone created email addresses and AIM screen names they were all some sort of inspired representation of themselves. I even fell into the creative username trap; my first AIM screen name was prncssbubbles45 and my email was who knows if its still active, its probably just full of spam mail now or someone who sent me an email because I wrote it in their yearbook. But how can you blame a helpless 8th grader wanted to be a part of the social network that is the internet. I've noticed that it's not just young pups trying to find themselves in this world that have representative usernames, my dad also suffers from this form of self expression. or something like that is one of his emails. I'm not sure what makes people decide that they should have a "grown up" username; for me, it was applying for scholarships. I had this feigned image of myself in college and i felt that to complete the image, i needed to create a more sophisticated username. this was the beginning of It definitely got my point across, I wasn't some tinkerbell_girl that you were just throwing your money at, I was a responsible adult that deserved to get payed to go to school. Unfortunately, my email address had little affect on the money i received, which was pretty much nothing Since i focused on the impact of my email address rather than my application, might have also stunted my merit of getting any scholarships. I feel that I am still a better person for abandoning the tinkerbell_girl of the past and moving on to bigger and better things. Changing my email address has possibly been the best thing I've done for myself ever since i discovered that putting ranch dressing on anything amplifies the flavor ten fold. I do still hang on to that prncssbubbles45 character though in case i need to reminisce the summer of 2002 past.

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  1. I created a faux important name... Sometimes I do get e-mails addressed Dr. McAllister. Yeah, it's cool.