Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wink Weakness

I obviously am human, and therefore have many weaknesses. One that has become most prevalent in recent days is my winking weakness. I wasn’t aware of my inability to wink until I found Emily. She is one of the best winkers I have ever met. Her wink is just subtle enough that you don't really know what hit you. you just feel this flustered feeling inside that makes you so happy that you feel like you have just been attacked with sunshine dust! Her wink makes you do a double take because you’re not really sure if it was meant for you; it makes you want her to do it again-and truth be told, she would do it again if you asked her but you couldn’t just flat out ask her to wink at you again, are you even allowed to do that? -- wish someone to just throw out their exquisite talent to the wind, I think not! Would it really be as precious as the first time? But you almost missed that wink so you definitely want to see it again. And again, and again. She really is THAT good. It happens like that every time.

Perhaps my winking weakness is more of a self conscious feeling since I now see what a wink is supposed to look like and I obviously do not match up to her level, I don't think I will ever be able to get to that level either.
I have a very cheesy wink, you know that Lindsay Lohan wink: yep, that's me. I know right, and no matter how serious I try to be it always ends up looking cheesy. I can’t wink without opening my mouth just like Lindsay, with my cheek moving up to close one eye rather than my top eyelid just closing. What's even sadder is that I really do have to concentrate to do it too, because if I don't, I end up just blinking or squinting and feeling even more retarded than I would have if I actually tried.

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  1. i actually think you have a pretty powerful wink. your wink affected me, for good and for bad.