Thursday, February 12, 2009

Remain Bless Mobolaji

I received an email today, and i have about 346 junk mail emails DAILY and I usually just glance at them long enough to know that I never want to see it again and delete it shortly after that. But for some reason, this one caught my eye and I don't know why (hehe):
Dear Sir

I contact you because I need a responsible and humble person who I can make business with.pls your assistance is very important to me because i have a good huge amount of money to start my life over there.

i will like to invest this money in abroad but will like to sit down with you one on one to discuss it before we go further.

so that we can both understand the kind of person i am..because i realised that different things are going on internet.that is why i will like to sit with you to discuss the issue with you.

Mobolaji Festus
Thanks and remain bless.

There are SO many things wrong with this little ‘plea (SCAM) letter’ First of all: Sir—come on Moboloaji! I can accept that most people cant remember my name but they can usually remember my gender. Also, the amount of grammer mistakes can only lead me to believe that I should never contact nor waste my time to even finish reading this letter. But I didn’t so it continues. Here’s my favorite part: the third paragraph is pretty much priceless and gets better with every word. So we can both understand the kind of person I am.. what could someone be thinking, ‘oh yeah, he sounds like a nice guy I should give my money to invest “abroad.”’ Or perhaps you could be thinking, ‘You’ve got to be joking me Mobolaji, there is no way that I would help you invest, or MEET with you to find out that you are in fact, a creeper.’ Yeah, remain bless.

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