Saturday, March 7, 2009

respect for the Star Wars nerds

Ok, so there are countless individuals that are truly dedicated to the Star Wars fan club and in so joining this fan club they must buy all Star Wars paraphernalia, special edition/extended version movies, figurines- including the entire LEGO sets. I'm not talking about the normal TIE fighters or x-wing fighters--kids stuff. Im talking about the MILLENNIUM FALCON! this 5,195 piece, $500 set takes an experienced team of 7 a record of about 3 hours but i would assume that it would take maybe 15 hours by yourself, maybe 20 who knows. i cant even imagine if you made a video of it. you would have to be an incredibly dedicated fan of the series. But I think that these guys just go WAY above and beyond anyone else that has attempted this. Not only did they:
a. buy the $500 set
b. complete the 5,195 piece set
c. make a video of the construction of this set
d. make a video of the construction of this set COMPLETED BY LEGO MINIFLIGS REENACTING 'ACTUAL' EVENTS!

Building the LEGO Millennium Falcon from Gizmodo on Vimeo.

I can confidently say that a very unnecessary amount of time was spent in the making of this video but i think it was definitely worth it. Maybe that's just the Star Wars nerd in me but I can say that I have a higher respect level for the guys that took the time to make this 12 minute video. Not to mention the building time, I think I saw somewhere that it took 38 hours, but that could have been someone else. Nonetheless, at least a full work week was spent dedicated to George Lucas. I approve. And i dont know if you noticed or not, but that movie is pretty dang accurate to how it really happened. Well done guys, well done.


  1. That is seriously amazing. What a cool video!

  2. i was pretty content with my life until i saw that....I need to do more with my life than what I'm doing.